Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Truth is I'm becoming quite a coffee drinker. I decided about a month ago to try to lose some weight and my starting point was cutting out soft drinks (for the most part) so while I wanted to cut out soft drinks I had no desire to cut out caffeine. The solution? Drink coffee. I've never been a huge coffee drinker, just when it's cold or the mood strikes me, but for the better part of a month I've been drinking it regular and I actually enjoy it. This home made stuff at home is a heap better than the instant stuff I was drinking at my former place of employment. Harper wants a taste every now and then but I haven't let her yet. Maybe one morning when her Gammie is on duty I'll slip her a swaller or 2. I guess I'm gonna finish this cup (the 3rd of the morning) and me and Harper Grace will go ramble around outside awhile.

Alright Then


  1. Welcome to the blogospehere! And remind me to make some coffee when you & the wife come over Friday ;)